Good Afternoon tea time at “Sarabeth’s” in Shinagawa,Tokyo

It was first time since I went this popular restaurant”Sarabeth’s” in NewYork last year. They are also popular in Tokyo,Japan. There are always a lot of people who enjoy their time. 


This restaurant is famous enough as delicious breakfast, but they have an Afternoon tea menu in Shinagawa from 2pm. We ordered this. Sweets and sandwich and  Free drink for 90 minutes.The cost is 2500yen.  It was not bad plan. 

朝食で有名なレストランですが、品川店では2時からアフタヌーンティーのメニューもあり、私たちはそちらをオーダー。90分¥2500 円、飲み物は飲み放題、サンドイッチ、スコーン、ケーキと嬉しい内容です。

I spend comfortable time with my baby since I could eat with my baby on the stroller and the building has baby room for feeding and changing a diaper. 


Sarabeth’s サラベス 品川店


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