Perfect French restaurant”Perse” in NewYork with our baby

We were so lucky to go to such a luxury restaurant “Per Se” which is premier star chef, Thomas Keller’s first one in New York with our baby. It is always difficult to make a reservation before two month. 


They are located at Time Warner Center 4 floor overlooking Central Park.The interior of dining room is Elegant. The beautiful park views from the large windows of the wall-to-wall, it just like a scene from a movie. 


There are two types Course, one is Chef’s Tasting Menu and the other is Tasting of Vegetables in each 8 dishes. The cost for two people wine-inclusive is about $ 1000 and more. 

I orderd Tasting of Vegetable. 


私はお野菜のコースをオーダーしました。All dishes were beautiful and chic. 

So great and unforgettable elegant taste. 


 Especially the service staff were friendly also for us with our baby and their hospitality was excellent. They always cared about us and arranged shorter course for us. We had great dinner although we were with our baby. 
So wonderful happy time because of their first class hospitality and dishes. 


Per Se


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