Good foodshopping at Union Square green market,NewYork

There are much Green Market in NewYork. These are the market for the local people by local people.Farmers of New York and neighboring State are selling good food and plants. The biggest one is Union Square green market. 


Union Square green market

The tent for each farmer,sells a variety of fresh ingredients,vegetables,fruits, bread,honey and jam etc.There are both organic and non organic food but only non Genetically Modified Orgasnisms. 


You might meet a famous chef since the leading restaurant also use the ingredients at this market. 

近隣の一流レストランもこのマーケットの食材を使うこともあるそうなので、もしかしたら有名料理人さんにも会えるかも。There is a lush green park at middle of Union Square. I enjoyed as soon as the fresh and delicious strawberry that was purchased in this Green Market on the park bench. The park has children’s playground. So comfortable place also for family with little kids. 
ユニオンスクエアの真ん中には緑豊かな公園があり、私はグリーンマーケットで買った新鮮な美味しい苺を公園のベンチで頂きました。公園の中には子供用の遊び場もあり、子供連れでもゆったり過ごせる場所でした。Market is held 4 days a week, on Monday,Wednesday,Friday and Saturday.Opening time is about 8 o’clock, closed, but is around six o’clock, depend on the season and the temperature etc. 

The farmers change to be opened by the day, if you have a favorite farmers, Check out the opening date.

Also good for the tourist looking for the local gift of NY and just looking those and and walking around there. 



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