Tokyo, Japan

Bio: Hello everyone! My name is Nozomi means beautiful hope in Japanese. I teach How to eat healthy for comfortabl daily life. I really beleave a saying ' You are What you eat.' I think Japanese traditional food is one of healtiest one.I love it. My dream is teach many people all over the world how to cook Japanese homemade food. On the other hand, I want to learn how to cook many tipes of dishes around the world. It is a beggest reason for me to go abroad nawadays. I can't wait to eat and learn about local food. Nice to meet you!

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One thought on “Profile

  1. Konnichiwa! Nozomi let me say I am in awe with Japan , the culture ,cuisine and specially the mangas I love reading them 🙂 I totally agree with you that one is what one eats …enjoyed reading your blog good luck with your dream !

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